About Us
The Omaha Club of Fire Fighters was founded on January 1, 1929. The Helmet Club has served as both a social and welfare organization. Dues at that time were 25 cents per month.

Our membership now consist of 586 members both active and retired. Currently active members pay $6.00 per pay period. Retired members pay $8.00 per month.  During the year the Helmet Club offers a variety of events.  Monthly meetings are held each month and offer food, beverages and entertainment.  The meetings are held at our Union Hall located at 60th & Grover.

The Helmet Club was founded on the concept of giving its members a way to socialize outside of the Fire Department. Our goal has always been to give our members a chance to have fun and meet other firefighters and their families, both active and retired. We strive to give our members a variety of events that are always family oriented.  We offer year round activities to strengthen the brotherhood that has made the Omaha Fire Department one of best departments in the United States.  Our members are always respectful of each other both on and away from their job.